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Guide to Buy New Home - Things You should know before you Buy a New Home:

Buying a new home is a lot different than buying a resale home. If you choose to go with new home, there are certain things you need to know before you buy a new home. Here is Step by Step guide of New Home Buying process to help you:


First step how to choose best home involves finding the right community, visiting the Builder presentation center and finding lot and design of your choice. Since there are a lot of choices for home designs and lots, it is always better to talk to an expert Sales Representative or a realtor to help you explain all the options or you can always search homes for sale, condos for sale, new home developments, new construction homes, etc. on the internet.



Once you have chosen the new home project in your desired community along with your model home, you need to book it at builder presentation center. This will require you to submit your ID proof, signing a few papers and most importantly paying initial deposit amount via cheque.

Signing papers

Choosing Decor

When you book a new home, you get to personalize the decor of your dream home. Your builder will guide you regarding all the options available and you get to choose the interior of your home. Some of the decor might require you to pay premium.

Room decor, interiors


This is probably the most important thing you should know when you buy a new home. You should hire a Real Estate Lawyer, get your mortgage approved for the closing day. Your builder will ask for a final inspection by you before closing. Observe as much as you can and take help of a home inspector if you do not feel confident. On the final inspection day have builder note down any of the imperfections you would like to fix in the house and then get the key. Get Ready to Move.

Handing over the keys

Know Your Rights

Educate yourself about the things you should know - how to buy a new home. In Ontario all new homebuyers are protected by Tarion . Visit the Tarion website for your rights and protection.

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