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July, 2019

One may have many choices while making a purchase decision on buying a dream house. Factors such as location, lifestyle preferences and ease of finance determines final choice be it a semi-detached house, a townhouse or a single house. Each of these types of homes have their benefits and drawbacks; the choice is entirely up to us. Let us understand how we may determine what’s best for us .



Single Home

Single family homes are detached properties on their own lot that do not share any walls with other properties. Single family homes offer backyard space and more privacy.


A semi home is a single-family home that is built to share one common wall with the home beside it. These homes are mirror images of each other and for many homebuyers, this is a preferable choice over a townhome because not only does each home have its own entrance and surrounding land, but there is also more privacy with only one connected wall.


A townhouse is owned by different individuals but are multi-level units and are typically a row of similar units that share common walls on the left and/or right, but not on the top/bottom. Townhouses are similar to single family homes but share at least one common wall. As far as space and property, the yard is generally a near the front and back doors. There is not much privacy in a townhouse but, when it comes to making the most of available space, the multiple levels allow for plenty of interior room.

Choosing your new home involves more than liking the style or design. You need to look at the space, the layout, and how your belongings and family will fit into the home. For example, if you have young children who like to play outdoors, the semi-detached may offer more room and freedom for playtime. On the other hand, if you are too busy to do yard work, then a townhome may be more your style.

Family playing grass
And one such project which can offer you all and more is Nature’s Grand by Liv Communities in Brantford city in southwestern Ontario. A unique project in lap of nature, set just south of Hardy’s Rd and adjacent to Grand River the project offering beautiful Towns, Semis and Singles for the taking.

Brantford Real Estate:  An upcoming residential destination; Brantford is experiencing an increase of 15.3% in home sales (Townhouse, Single House, cottage, condo etc.) for the first five months of 2019 as compared to same period last year says Brantford Regional Real Estate Association@. “Home sales were running close to the 10-year average for the month of May, and parallel the May 2018 figures. Activity remains uniform at the moment”, said Pamela White, 2019 President of the Brantford Regional Real Estate Association@.

Brantford housing trends::  It is also worth mentioning that the average price of homes sold in May 2019 was a record $455,631, up 8.1% from May 2018. As per figures released by Brantford Regional Real Estate Association® year-to-date average price was $441,985, rising 6.9% from the first five months of 2018.

Source: Brantford Regional Real Estate Association®

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